Sunday 15th December - 3rd Sunday in Advent

10.30am Service

The sermon was preached by Ros Durdant-Hollamby and was about the second coming of Jesus and the hope his Advent in glory offers us and the world. If you would like to see the short film on Advent please click here.




Sunday 5th January - 2nd Sunday of Christmas                                           

8.00am Service

The sermon was preached by Revd. Canon Mandy Carr. This short talk considers who the Magi were and how their belief system led them to follow the star.  It looks at the prophetic relevance of Isaiah 60:1-6 written centuries before and the symbolic nature of the Magi's gifts to Jesus.


10.30am Service

This was our All-Age Service. Revd. Canon Mandy Carr looked at the three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh and their significance regarding the identity of Jesus.  It also considers the meaning of each gift for us and how they can encourage us to know God is with us, whatever hopes and dreams we may have as we enter the 2020s. 




Listen to some of our recent sermons

Sunday 8th December - 2nd Sunday in Advent

10.30am Service

The sermon was preached by Lisa Martin and focused around our expectations this advent time - paying particular attention to what we are not expecting.


Sunday 22nd December - 4th Sunday in Advent

10.30am Service

The sermon was preached by Revd. Canon Mandy Carr. As we reflect on the message of Joseph’s angel that Jesus would be ‘God with us’, we look at what it means to be ‘with’ rather than do things ‘for’ others and God.  We look at the difference between being a servant and a friend of God and how God calls us into intimacy with Him.


Evening Carol Service

In this short talk for our Christmas Carol Service, the Revd. Canon Mandy Carr will look at the importance of ‘Why’ questions, and focus on the ‘Why’ of Christmas and God’s heart for all His creation.




Christmas Day

10.30am Service

Many of us are visual processors and work with images rather than words.  In this talk, Revd. Canon Mandy Carr uses a picture she was given as a way of thinking about the Incarnation and reflecting on where we are in relation to God this Christmas.


We try to keep the previous months sermons on the website. If there is a specific sermon that you would like to listen to that is not on the website please contact Julia Downing