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Lessons in Hope

Hope helps us dream during daylight,                                       Here is a video of Elizabeth reading her poem.

To welcome the impossible.

It is our legacy and yet

By giving it away, we gain.


Hope looks ahead with a gleaming telescope

A warm day in winter,

Freedom from pain,

A cure for the incurable.


Hope will surprise you when you least expect it,

A fresh fall of snow,

The High Brown Fritillary,

Small cracks that appear on a quail's egg.



Sunday Services

Please find below our Mothering Sunday Service



Hope is in that moment before creation,

A sculpture already sits within the stone,

The maypole ribbons hang loose,

A harmony burgeons from your mind.


Hope can be found in the action itself

A ship sets sail on a squally sea,

A swallow returns to last summer's barn,

Someone is pulled back from the edge.


Hope can be heard if you listen hard,

In the footfall on gravel

The pause between tears

And the flutter of the angels' wings.


(C) Elizabeth Miller 2019


Here is the recording of our service on Sunday 29th March 2020.

Here is the recording of our service on Sunday 5th April 2020.