St George's has an Into Film Club for Young People which has been meeting since the summer of 2019. Following on from a successful workshop to make stop-go annimations, the young people made a modern version of the nativity which was premiered before christmas. Recently we have had a black and white silent movie workshop. Please see below the two films that our young people made at that workshop - 'Stop Thief' and the 'Decorators' which were premiered during our virtial mothering sunday service on the 22nd March 2020. There is also a film on making the movies. We hope that you will enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!


St. George's Into Film Club for Young People

St. George's Into Film Club is currently taking children from Years 5 to 9. If we have sufficient interest from older years we may consider running a senior club. If you are interested in joining please contact Revd. Canon Mandy Carr.


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