Mornings @ The Well

Please join us at St George's for our 'Mornings @ The Well' - times of refreshments.


There is no charge for these events but we welcome donations towards refreshments. All events will be held in the church - St George's Church, Church Road, Weald, TN14 6LT


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Finding God on 'The Beach'

Thursday 21st September -9.30-12.30

In this session, Revd. Mandy Carr will be speaking about her own journey of using the imagination to connect with God.  The teaching will be based on her book, 'The Beach.'  We will also be looking at Christian tradtion, especially Ignatius of Loyola and Brother Lawrence, and how their approaches create simple, imaginative, encounters with God.  As part of this morning's course, you will be invited to explore finding a special place in your imagination to commune with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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'Hearing God' A Beginners Guide

Saturday 7th October -9.30-12.30

Have you ever wanted to learn to hear God better?  In this session, Revd. Mandy Carr offers insight into the ways that God communicates with us and how we learn to discern them for ourselves.  This morning will involve some practice in these processes so that you can take home some practical tips.  This course will follow the podcast series that Revd. Mandy produced last year  - you can find them here.


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Spirituality for Older People

Thursday 19th  October -10.30-11.00

This session will offer the opportunity for worship, fellowship and spiritual refreshment for older people.  There will be a short Holy Communion service, optional craft activities, finishing with sharing a soup lunch and cake together. 


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Creating a Spooky Soundtrack

Saturday 28th October -10.00-12.30pm

This session is for young people (years 5-9) and is part of St. George's partnership with .  It will give an opportunity to think about sound in relation to film and for the young people to create their own one minute soundtrack to go under a creepy church or churchyard scene. 


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Art from the Heart

Wednesday 8th November -9.30-12.30

This session will be lead by local artist, Linda Walker.  It is an opportunity for seasoned artists or absolute beginners to come and enjoy making art from the heart.  The theme is to create something that illustrates what makes our heart sing, whether that is an activity, a place, an object, a person, an animal, an abstract concept, or just patterns and colour.  We invite you to come alive in the process and connect with your heart through the medium of art.  (Places on this course are limited to 12). 


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Thinking together about 'Living in Love and Faith'

Saturday 18th November - 9.30-12.30

This morning is an opportunity to think through some of the themes relating to sexuality and The Church in relation to the discussion in General Synod.  Revd. Mandy Carr will be leading this session, looking at Scripture, Reason, Tradition and Experience using some of the materials from the 'Living in Love and Faith' project.  You will be invited to discuss together some of the points raised and to consider how the Church family can hold together, despite the different viewpoints we hold. 


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