During this time when we are unable to meet together to worship in the church we will be sharing some resources for you for prayer and worship


Resources for Prayer and Worship

Weekly Reflection from the Diocese

This week, Archdeacon Paul Wright, looks ahead to Sunday's Gospel (John 10: 1-10) and reflects on Jesus' telling of the story of the good shepherd and his sheep. He asks us to consider what gates and barriers might we have in our lives? Watch it here.


Daily Hope phone line

                                                                Daily Hope offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services

                                                                from the Church of England at the end of a telephone line. It has been set up

                                                                particularly for those who are unable to join online church services during this




Virtual Prom Praise

This year All Souls did a virtual Prom Praise - You can enjoy here God is our Strength and Refuge done by the virtual choir and orchestra. Below is also the link to the whole event - Enjoy! 














Coronavirus liturgy and prayer resources from the Church of England

This page contains prayers and intercessions for personal or group use, special prayers for use as we are unable to meet in church, and a simple form of prayer for the morning and evening, which can be downloaded, printed and shared with those  who are unable to access the internet. These resources are offered to help those who are struggling to find words at this difficult and stressful time, and to enable Christians to worship in solidarity with one another even though it is not possible to meet in church. 


The Prayer Pack from Rochester Diocese

Prayer lies at the heart of the church and our lives. Every person has his or her unique way of praying: there are no rights and wrongs. But to those who are still searching for a (new) way that suits them, or in those moments when inspiration has run dry and God's voice and presence seem to have faded, the diocese has put together a Prayer Pack which will hopefully offer some guidance: a gentle nudge in the right direction. 


Apart yet together

The Diocese of Rochester have developed a gudie for how we can Worship from home whilst being apart yet together. Providing a simple liturgy for prayer throughout the week.

The following Blessing prayers we use at morning and evening prayers:


Blessing for Weald

We stand in the mighty name of Jesus and bless you Weald, that you might prosper under the mighty hand of God.

We bless you that the favour of the Lord might rest upon you and give you peace.

We bless you that the Father's compassion might fall upon your people.

We bless you that the knowledge of Jesus might come in among you like a flood.

We bless the people of God in Weald that they might rise up with servant authority and become a people of blessing.

We bless you that the joy of the Lord might be your strength.

Amen (Worldwide Mission Fellowship)


A Prayer of Blessing for St George's

We bless this church of St George with the blessings of God so that it becomes the church the Lord has called it to be.

We bless this church with an increase in knowing the presence of God.

We bless this church with release and renewal in the Holy Spirit.

We bless this church with a new-found love and liberty in Jesus Christ.

We bless this church with God's protection.

We bless this church with a new power to share the good news in this community.

We bless this church in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


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