A community wildlife garden for Weald

St. George's has been working towards becoming an Eco-Church, in partnership with A Rocha.  Environmental concerns have been at the forefront in how we steward our land and buildings.  So when Weald pre-school finally closed its doors in 2022, we were left with a question concerning the children's play area.   We wondered whether we could re-purpose the land to create a community wildlife garden for all the residents in Weald, in time for King Charles III's Coronation in May 2023.  The vision of 'The King's Garden' was born.


There was plenty of work to do beforehand, such as clearing the ground, digging out the sandpit, weeding, painting the fence and planning how a garden might work in this area.


We put a garden design team together: Michael Conacher, Ann Cryer, Sarah Jones, and  Franny Kerr.  Together they marked out the garden and planned what to introduce to the space.  There was also the need to paint the fence and a number of community volunteers helped out with this pain-staking tasks.  Elizabeth Miller and Phil Johnson worked together to create a sign for the King's Garden. 


We applied for a small grant from Sevenoaks District Council and we were awarded £1000 from the Better Together Community Mobilisation Fund.  This would pay for some shrubs and extra seating so people could enjoy the space.


On the 8th May, which was the Bank Holiday Monday of the King's Coronation, we held a tea for community volunteers to say thank you for all that they give.  We asked, Karen Elsom, who runs the Community Shop, to open the garden for us.  It was an excellent event which was well-attended by lots of people and we created a display in the church hall outlining our plans and how this is a community project that others can get involved in.  We are planning a bulb planting party in October.


In July we welcomed the Eco Club and Outdoors Club from the primary school to come up.  Our designers were on hand to help explain anything and identify plants.  Dai Jones and his granddaughter, Ellie, had put together a bug hotel which was gratefully received and there is a hedgehog box placed, and there will be bird boxes coming soon.  This is a rolling project which will change with the seasons and hopefully will provide a beautiful and tranquil place for all of the community to use.  


Prayers for The King’s Garden


King of all creation,

We give thanks for the works of Your hands,

and the splendour of Your world.

Bless this garden for all the people of Weald.

May it be a place of beauty, where Nature can flourish;

a space for connection, where people can meet one another;

and a peaceful refuge, where we are renewed and refreshed

from the busyness and stresses of life.

May all who enjoy this garden become aware 

of Your comforting presence,

and Your unfailing love for each of us.



Loving God,

As we celebrate the coronation of King Charles III,

thank You for the King’s service and commitment,

and his long-standing advocacy for the environment.

As we dedicate this space as The King’s Garden

may it reflect the ideals he has expressed.



Generous God,

Thank You for all the volunteers who work hard in this village,

and for their generosity, hospitality, and service.

Bless all those who live in Weald,  

so that we may grow in love and care for one another,

and continue to build a strong community together.

We pray these prayers through the name of Jesus Christ,

who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,