Regular Worship

1st Sunday in the month                                                   4th Sunday in the month

8.00am - BCP Holy Communion                                      8.00am - BCP Holy Communion

10.30am - Family Service with worship band               10.30am - Morning Prayer

2nd Sunday in the month                                                  5th Sunday in the month

10.30am - Parish Communion                                         10.30am - Parish Communion

3rd Sunday in the month

10.30am - All Age Communion with worship band

Morning and Evening Prayer

Monday to Thursday, 8.30am and 5.00pm, there is a short service of morning and evening prayer following the celtic liturgy and incorporating prayers of blessing.


St. George's Worship

Robed Choir

St. George's has a robed choir for baptisms and major festivals such as Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas. Everyone is welcome as long as they are able to attend rehearsals. If you are interested in singing with the choir please speak to Julia Downing, or use this link to contact her.

The Band

We have a band called Revelation that plays on the 1st and 3rd sunday mornings. If you are interested in singing or playing with the band please speak to Julia Downing, or use this link to contact her.

Prayer Ministry

At St. George's we are always very happy to pray for you if you are in need, after services have finished or at other prearranged times. We also have a Telephone Prayer Link (TPL) which consists of a team of people in the parish who commit themselves to praying regularly for those who request it. The TPL will pray for as long as required - days, weeks, months or even years - and it can provide a rapid response for those needing urgent prayer support. Prayer is usually for those suffering pain or distress whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, but may also be for specific situations or events. Every request is totally confidential within the network. Due to Privacy rules it is important that those being prayed for have given TPL prior permission to pray for them. Please contact Shirley Hayes with your prayer request. 

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