Fees for Weddings and Marriage Blessings


The figure for marrying in 2023 breaks down as follows for couples marrying in their own parish:

(There will be small changes each year to these costs which are set by the Church of England)


  • The fee set by law payable to the church: £505

  • Having your banns read at the home church (providing you both live there): £34


If a couple marry in 2023 away from where they live, the cost breaks down like this:-


  • The fee set by law payable to the marrying church: £505
  • Having your banns read in the marrying church £34
  • Having your banns read at your home church: £34
  • The banns certificate from your home church: £17


*These are the amended fees from March 2023 as revised by the General Synod of the Church of England


If you are wanting to get married at St. George's, there are also some additional costs and some of these are optional depending on your choices for the service.


Verger's fee: £40

  • This is someone who prepares the worship space and tidies away afterwards.
  • They play any recorded music as required in the service and ensure that the guests are looked after and that the service runs smoothly.


Heating Addition (Seasonal) : £30

  • The heating component of this fee will only be charged on a seasonal basis - (November - March).


Organist's fee: Approx. £100

  • Each organist charge's their own fees but this is an average for a wedding service
  • Please note that if the service is recorded/filmed/live-streamed then in line with Performing Rights Legislation the organists fee will be doubled.


Choir: approx.

  • If you wish to have the choir sing for your service, please speak to the vicar or Music Director (julia.downing792@btinternet.com) and we will try our best to provide one for you.


Recorded Music

  • Appropriate recorded music is permitted in the service, as well as, or instead of, traditional church organ music.
  • Please discuss this with the Vicar beforehand.
  • Please note that you will be responsible for providing the recorded music in an appropriate format to be played at the service.


Flowers: Fees variable depending on your requirements

  • At St. George's we have some talented flower arrangers who have, on occasion, created beautiful flower pedestals, and arrangements for the altar.  
  • If you would like us to do the flowers for you please discuss your requirements with Ros Durdant-Hollamby: thehollambys@live.co.uk


Live Streaming by St. George's/Recording through the church cameras: £100

  • If you would like your wedding live-streamed onto our YouTube page the fee consists of £40 for the operator and £60 to cover the licences of the streaming and maintenance of the equipment.
  • There will be an additional cost of £30 if you would like to  have a copy of the live-streamed service.